What is Chamber of Opportunities all about?

Chamber of Opportunities is all about online marketing. So, why do online marketing in the first place?
The reasons are plentiful, but the two biggest concern arrogance and leverage.
One can use online marketing for a variety of reasons. If you do it right, it will give you the ability to spend your time,
and not your money, advertising your business. It will give you access to a huge market no brick and mortar business could.
It will put you on a level playing field with big companies that just throw money at online marketing,
a tactic often used by big companies to intimidate and crush smaller businesses in the brick and mortar world.
When it comes down to it, online marketing not only can put you on a level playing field with the “big guys”, it gives you
an advantage, too. You could call it leverage and arrogance advantage.
What does all of this mean?
Let’s say you write a piece of software and start a small business in the brick and mortar world.
If the big software companies consider you a threat, what will happen?
Well, if you don’t get bought out right away, they certainly will silence you as fast as they can. Since they have all
the resources and you have very little leverage with retailers, You will be doomed and out of business in no time.
Here is where online marketing comes into play. It doesn’t matter how much money a big company in any given industry
is throwing at online marketing, they will never have an ultimate advantage over you. They will have no leverage,
because there is nobody they could buy off. All they can do is buy expensive advertisements, which most people ignore anyway.
Once you get top rankings on Google, Yahoo and all the others out there for your product and keywords, no money in the world
can knock you off your spot in the sun, unless they do a better optimization job than you do. Unless you have endless amounts of cash,
this would simply be impossible in the brick and mortar world.
But what has this to do with arrogance? Well, the big brick and mortar guys often use marketing firms to push their products
in magazines, on radio, television and so on. When these companies have a website build for them, they often let their marketing
companies handle all their online efforts as well. Beating them on search engines is much easier than you think, because many of their
marketing agencies do not know how to rank well on Google, Yahoo, Bing and so on. It is their arrogance and belief that money buys all
to pay insane amounts of money for advertisements on high traffic sites, because it works “in the real world”, too.
In reality, they don’t know what they are doing and they just throw money at it and hope it works. This strategy is not very
successful in the internet world but many companies are wasting even more time and money in an effort to make it work.
They do not realise this strategy will fail every time on the internet.
You, on the other hand, will not just throw money around and buy senseless banner ads and all the other stuff that will only
line the pockets of others. No, you will look into search engine optimization, proper keyword research, target markets and so on
either on your own or through someone who knows all the ropes of online marketing.
While the big guys spend insane amounts of money for online ads and campaigns, you will be laughing your way to the bank
with all the customers pouring in from your top rankings on Google, Yahoo and so on.

So, “why doing online marketing in the first place?” is the wrong question. The right one is: why aren’t you doing it already?

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